Some time ago there was a thread on the EHSQ Elite mailing list that lead into a discussion of Heinrich’s work (mainly the triangle) to which I wrote a rather lengthy reaction. At that time I had neither read Heinrich’s book (of which I own the 1941 second edition and the 1980 fifth edition that has been reworked by Dan Petersen and Nestor Roos) nor “Heinrich Revisited” by Fred Manuele that was mentioned in the ESHQ thread. Well, all of this went high up on my list of priorities and after reading all three of them, it’s time for a critical discussion.

For starters a minor disclaimer: what follows is by no means a scientific discussion, but rather a more or less structured assembly of notes that I jotted down while reading and trying to sew them together into a more or less coherent evaluation of these three works. I might consider a more scientific and theoretically grounded reworking at some point in time. All depending on moods and time available…

I’m going to do this in four parts. The first three parts will take on the separate books (with a possible crossover, or two). In the fourth part I will try to sum up some things and come to some kind of a conclusion.

Discussing Heinrich, Part 1: Heinrich '41

Discussing Heinrich, Part 2: Heinrich/Petersen/Roos '80

Discussing Heinrich, Part 3: Manuele

Discussing Heinrich, Part 4: Reflection and Conclusion