On this page you can find some feedback on the book Preventing Industrial Accidents.

“You have presented a very thoroughly researched pack of source material. I applaud your forensic analysis of what he actually wrote and how you have highlighted the errors made by those who take the headlines, add their own interpretation and then rubbish it – either a deliberate 'straw man' to suit their own safety philosophy, or lacking rigour making a detailed assessment based on an incorrect assumption (Type lll error!).”

“I just finished reading this excellent piece of work. The book offers many new views and insights in Heinrich's work. I can highly recommend the book to everyone who wants to know more about safety (science), the historic context of Heinrich's views/opinions and the opportunities Heinrich's work offers for safety management.”

“I literally devoured your degree thesis on the same topic! You did justice to Heinrich's work!”


Read the review in OHS Professional Magazine, June 2021 (Australian Institute of Health & Safety).


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