Below is an overview of the contents of The First Rule of Safety Culture:



Part 1: Overture

A safety culture tsunami

History lesson

Culture – climate. Tomato – tomato?

Rules of engagement

Talkin’ ‘bout…

Intermezzo: Expelliarmus Safety

Part 2: Culturebabble


Reason-ing around a buzzword

Buzzwords and bandwagons

A comfortable cause

Intermezzo: Safety culture from Hell

Part 3: Common culture confusions


Bob the culture builder

Culture through progression

One best safety culture

Sum of the parts?

Culture through safety DNA

Oneness, sameness, harmony

Intermezzo: Culture - tool or lens?

Part 4: Instrumentalised culture

Safety culture = following safety rules

Codified culture

Culture by algorithm


Toilets tell about culture

Safety culture certification

A ladder on quicksand

For culture’s sake, hold that railing!

Culture is a slogan on the wall

Intermezzo: Does safety culture exist at all?

Part 5: Dark sides of culture

Culture as a straitjacket

Are you one of those…

Power, not culture

Everybody’s responsibility


Intermezzo: A ‘mood-y’ view on culture

Part 6: Ways forward

Culture is here to stay...

Relationship centred

Structure, not culture

Doing instead of having

Words create worlds

The First Rule of Safety Culture

Further reading

The safety immaturity model

The author




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