I think for the statement "all accidents are preventable" to become REMOTELY true (ish) we will need to add some words. For example:


All accidents are preventable... with the benefit of hindsight.


All accidents are preventable... in theory.


All accidents are preventable... given unlimited knowledge, resources, perfect prediction (and quite some luck).


All of which, regrettably makes it a rather useless statment in my everyday job.

And besides, do we really want to prevent absolutely everything? Really??

A while ago I read this one. It's still a recommended read. Find the article by Phil LaDuke here.

Will have to buy Zachary Shore's book myself soon...

A project of mine from a few years back. A movie aimed at youth to communicate the right behaviour/attitude with regard to crossing rail tracks and respect level crossings.

Watch the movie here. ('snarvei' means 'shortcut')