The University of Sussex is currently rolling out a new version of the multicriteria mapping tool (MCM) as a university enterprise. You can see more detail on the website:

The aims behind MCM are to help researchers, policy makers and stakeholders to 'open up' risk decision making in ways that illuminate issues, uncertainties, options and perspectives that are often unduly obscured. As a research tool, MCM aims to put the participant 'in the driving seat' - and to give as much importance to eliciting qualitative reasons as to the quantitative data. The tool rigorously documents complexity and diversity and also aims to be clear and practical in highlighting concrete options for action. Although the challenges remain, MCM does offer a way to help allow greater scrutiny and critical understanding.

MCM is freely available to anyone for a period, and then as a web-based service for a subscription. It can also be downloaded and used on a laptop, to help run interviews or small group discussions in any setting. Revenues raised will be reinvested by Sussex University into further development of the tool and associated services.