The past weeks have been spent studying Erik Hollnagel’s new book, “Safety-I and Safety-II: The Past and Future of Safety”. It will take a couple of months before a review is posted on this site, but let’s provide some literature anyway.

An earlier paper on the subject by Hollnagel is A Tale Of Two Safeties

An excellent intruduction to the subject is: From Safety-I to Safety-II: A White Paper

And while you’re at it, get also this one: Systems Thinking for Safety: Ten Principles. A White Paper (Moving towards Safety-II)

Steven Shorrock has done a great blog about the subject.

Another fine article is done by David van Valkenburg and has been published by Drilling Contractor. Looks like a good summary of some of the material.

Finally, none less than Sidney Dekker has a book review on Safety I & II found at the following link