Review from Health and Safety at Work

Review from NVVK Info 2016/04

Review by Greg Morse

Review from Tijdschrijft voor Toegepaste Arbowetenschappen

Review from Lusa-One by Anders Ellerstrand

Below a selection from the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the book:

“A book like this one should be on each manager desk. It will help implementing safety culture and in the same time managers will understand how important is safety and the benefits.”

“Gathering new ideas, and experience of implemented ideas. So much input is hidden inside.”

“Easy understandable for non-safety people.”

“Buy two copies! Give one to your boss and then get ready to finally let go of some of the Myths of Safety and actually start CREATING SAFETY! Well done, Carsten, well done!”

“I originally wanted to read just one myth a day, but I found hard to put down…”

“An impressive range of topics.”

“I like the way you write about safety: positively and recognizable. Safety can be a nice subject to write about!”

“A book that needed to be done for a while. It will get people thinking.”

“It’s written very clearly and easy to understand. No need to have studied safety to understand. A must for every Safety Professional’s bookshelf.”

“Very accessible, even for laypersons.”

“A must read (very much including the footnotes). Takes courageously on longstanding safety myths and traditions in a most convincing manner while somehow not becoming a scold. An important and highly readable contribution to the safety literature.”

“The many examples (often taken from everyday life, others from work situations) make things easy to understand.”

“This is going to shake up the safety business quite a bit! That's a good thing!”

“Easy to understand, even for those who don’t read English every day.”

“One of the most important Safety Management related books published in the last decade. This is a must read for everyone who sincerely wants to improve Safety and not waste their collective time doing what simply doesn’t work.” 

“The great examples bring the book to life.”

“Safety Myths 101 has become my new favourite book. It was heartening to see myths being busted.”

“A perfect if you need to find a subject to talk about in a professional setting.”

“Carsten effectively takes on many basic safety traditions (e.g. the accident pyramid, all accidents are preventable) and myths that are standing in the way of safety progress. Not a book for those who resist being provoked to think outside the lines of tradition.”

“Thank you for doing this!”

“This should be required reading for all Safety Professionals and those that ply their wares to the industry. A bit of balance to the desire to compartmentalise everything and slap on a label, perpetuating the illusion of control.”