Heinrich’s Local Rationality: Shouldn’t ‘New View’ Thinkers Ask Why Things Made Sense To Him? 

Here you can find a discussion of Heinrich's papers which was part of the literature research done for the thesis (and book). While they do not provide the actual papers, you can glimpse their contents and get some quotes along with some critique and reflections.


Busch, C. (2021) Preventing Industrial Accidents. Reappraising H. W. Heinrich – More than Triangles and Dominoes. Milton Park: Routledge.

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Here you can find sections that had to be edited out of the final version of the book, but provide worthwhile enhancement.



Busch, C. (2020) Myth Busting: De 88% van Heinrich. NVVK Info, 29 (1): 12-14.



Heinrich's Local Rationality - PDSC session

Near misses - orgins, triangles and challenges. (18 December 2020)

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