On 24 June 2020, I had the pleasure presenting my thesis during one of Ron Gantt’s brilliant Physically Distant/Socially Connected sessions. This is the audio-recording of that session (warts ‘n all) combined with screenshots from the Prezi that I used.

Watch it on the Mind The Risk YouTube channel.

See the original Prezi.

Some additional notes/links:

02:00 About the HFSS program.

08:50 Find the Hale paper.

A brief review of the Manuele book.

09:00 Get the 2011 Manuele paper

19:40 Looking back, it seems that the bit about local rationality came out less carefully than it was written in the thesis. The presentation gives a general sense of what bounded/local rationality is, but I would suggest reading the applicable chapter in the thesis for a better and more thorough discussion. There you also can find the reference to the Rasmussen quote. I still need a direct quote (if it exists), so help finding it is appreciated!

26:40 if you want some critique of the 88:10:2 ratio, watch another clip.

41:00 if you want more on causes as constructs, watch another clip.

52:00 The full thesis is downloadable.



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