Safety professionals appear to have that gene that has them screening their environment for hazards constantly, prompting my wife often to say "You're not at work now". But still I can't help noticing (and commenting) when I see blocked emergency exits (like this one in an Oslo bookstore) and the like...


We're VERY proud to have been part of the organizational committee for this great Symposium that will take place in Amsterdam in November of this year. Please click on the picture to check out the program and find the details for participation. This promises to be one of the top HSEQ events of 2014 - make sure you're there!

A great video by Volkswagen that underlines the importance of having your eyes on the road in a rather original and effective way.

Find the video here or click on the picture.


I think for the statement "all accidents are preventable" to become REMOTELY true (ish) we will need to add some words. For example:


All accidents are preventable... with the benefit of hindsight.


All accidents are preventable... in theory.


All accidents are preventable... given unlimited knowledge, resources, perfect prediction (and quite some luck).


All of which, regrettably makes it a rather useless statment in my everyday job.

And besides, do we really want to prevent absolutely everything? Really??

A while ago I read this one. It's still a recommended read. Find the article by Phil LaDuke here.

Will have to buy Zachary Shore's book myself soon...